Automatic Voter Registration Act - HB152/SB1048



These two bills will enact a statewide automatic voter registration using data compiled by the Comptroller's office, the Maryland Health Exchange, the MVA and other agencies. These bills will require residents to be informed that their data will be used to register them to vote but sharing how they can opt out of the registration.

Constitutional Amendment for an Education/Casino Revenue Lock Box HB1697/SB1122


When Marylanders went to the ballot and voted to legalize casinos in this state we were told the taxes would go to education. That has not occurred and it has confused many Marylanders. This bill would enact a constitutional amendment to ensure that elected officials cannot play games with the money voters were promised for schools.

Fight for 15 HB664/SB543

HB664/SB543 is a bill that will finally give Maryland working families a raise they can live and support their family with. The bill, when passed, will raise the minimum wage in the state to $15 an hour by July of 2023 and in future years connect a raise to the consumer price index.

Women on Corporate Boards SJ 3

SJ3 is a resolution calling for publicly held corporations in Maryland to recognize the strong role women play in executive leadership. The resolution calls for corporations with at least 9 board seats, reserve no less than three of those seats for women. 

Debt Collectors Bill HB673/SB22


As the cost of living in Maryland rises wages have not kept up. This sad reality has put far too many families in debt. To make matters even more concerning is our debt collection law has not kept up with the times. The Maryland law on the books bars a debt collector from garnishing more than 75% of a person's disposable wages. What does this mean? A family making the current state minimum wage of about $21,000 a year could have up to $5,000 a year attached to debt. This bill would raise that amount to be more in line with inflation from when the law was passed in 1988.

Correctional Services Menstrual Hygiene Products  HB0797


We have an obligation to require our Department of Corrections to ensure that people we detain are being detained in humane conditions. HB0797/SB0598 will require all correction facilities to have written policies to ensure that women detained have access to free hygiene products when they need them.

Language Access SB29


This bill, when passed, would require every agency in the state to ensure that their public-facing websites had equal access versions in a number of different, widely spoke languages as defined by the bill for individuals with limited English proficiency. 


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