The Young Democrats of Maryland, the Baltimore City Young Democrats and the Prince George's County Young Democrats are excited to announce a new campaign and candidate training geared specifically for first time candidates and young people interested in getting involved in politics.

Fit To Run will bring together some of the best and brightest candidates and political operatives from around Maryland to learn from notable experts on how to build a strong campaign infrastructure and set up a team who are ready to win on election day. The training will also help those aspiring to be political operatives with the tools they will need to land a job and access to campaigns seeking staffers.

Space is extremely limited so register today!

Expected Sessions

Setting Up Your Campaign/Building Your Campaign Plan

Field and How You Win

Setting a Budget & Campaign Finance


Developing Your Stump

Social Media


Building Coalition Support

Getting The Job

What Attendees Can Expect

  1. A toolkit they can begin using for their campaign immediately.

  2. Training for some of the nation's top political experts.

  3. Post training one-on-one follow ups to check on campaign progress.

  4. Post training introductions to many of Maryland's most connected operatives and party leaders.


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