A.      Annual Meetings: The Annual Meeting of the Organization shall be held in the first quarter of each year. Notice of the meeting shall be sent at least one (1) month in advance of the Annual Meeting to each local chapter President and to all members of YDM. Each local chapter must have submitted their Bylaws before the Annual Meeting to enable its members the right to vote at the Annual Meeting. Each local chapter shall be allowed one vote for each attending member at the Annual Meeting.

B.       Regular Board Meetings: Regular meetings of the Executive Board shall be held at least every other month and may be scheduled more often by the President. Notice of regular Executive Board meetings, shall be given at least ten (10) days before the day of the meeting

C.      Special Meetings: Special Meetings of the Executive Board may be held at any time and at any place in the State of Maryland, when called by the President or by at least four Executive Board Members. Business transacted at special meetings shall be confined to the purposes of the meeting stated in the notice of the meeting. Notice of special meetings may be given verbally, via electronic mail or in writing at least 72 hours prior to the meeting time.

D.       Quorum: At any meeting, a quorum shall consist of fifty-one percent (51%) of the Executive Board members who are eligible to vote, present in person. The chair of caucuses shall not be counted, for or against, when determining quorum. A majority vote shall consist of 51 percent (51%) of those present and entitled to vote at the meeting, except as otherwise provided in these Bylaws.


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