A) Executive Board: There shall be an Executive Board, composed of the elected officers of the YDM and the chairs of any established caucus. The duties of the elected officers of YDM are defined below:

1) The President shall preside at and conduct all meetings of the Members, the Executive Board and any general body meeting of YDM. The President shall lead all delegations of YDM members to regional and national meetings, and shall reserve the right to designate an alternate in their role if they are unable to attend. The President may sign all contracts and agreements in the name of the Organization after the Executive Board has approved them, serve as the representative of the Organization in meetings, be the primary contact between YDM and other Statewide organizations including but not limited to the Maryland Democratic Party and discussions with other organizations and agencies, and otherwise perform all of the duties that are ordinarily the function of the office, including as the chief spokesperson on behalf of the Young Democrats of Maryland. While President of a local chapter a member may not be the President of YDM.

2) The Executive Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President if the President is unable to do so or is absent, and perform such other tasks as may be assigned by the Executive Board; shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and shall be the Chairperson of the Rules and Bylaws Committee. In the event that the office of the President becomes vacant, this Vice-President shall automatically become President.

3) The Secretary shall keep accurate records and minutes of all the meetings of the Organization; make available copies of the minutes to the previous meeting and distribute them in advance of each meeting; cause to be delivered all notices of meetings to those persons entitled to vote at such meeting; shall maintain the YDM email list; be responsible for sending all emails to the members; be responsible for updating the YDM website; and shall maintain a current listing, with phone numbers, addresses and email addresses, of all YDM officers, local chapter presidents and members.

4) The Treasurer shall oversee: the deposit of YDM funds into the proper accounts of the organization; the recording of all receipts and disbursements from such accounts; the preparation of the books and records of the finances of the organization; the preparation of financial reports for the Board meeting; and the preparation and filing of all end-of-year financial reports and federal and state tax reports. The Treasurer shall serve as Chair of the Fundraising committee, and shall work with the Vice-President of Programming to coordinate all YDM fundraising efforts and to create a fundraising plan, to be approved by the Executive Board.

5) The Vice-President of Programming shall plan and coordinate programs of an educational, civic or social nature for YDM members; shall serve as chair of the programming committee; shall sit as Vice-Chair of the Fundraising Committee; shall work with the Treasurer to coordinate all YDM fundraising efforts and create a fundraising plan to be approved by the Executive Board; and shall create a program calendar, to be approved by the Executive Board. In the event of a vacancy in both the offices of President and Executive Vice President, the Vice President of Programming shall serve as acting president until a successor is elected pursuant to these bylaws in Section C of this article.

6) The Vice-President of Membership shall be responsible for the recruitment and retention of new chapters for YDM as well as coordinating membership development for the organization. The Vice President of Membership is responsible for keeping up to date the official membership rolls and provide them to the secretary when necessary for the performance of their duties. In the event that the President, the Executive Vice-President, and the Vice-President of Programs are unable to fulfill the duties of the office of President, the Vice President of Membership shall serve as Acting President until a successor is elected pursuant to these bylaws in Section C of this article.

7) The Vice-President of Political Affairs shall work with specific constituency groups to organize their involvement with YDM, coordinate and advocate for political objectives of the Young Democrats of Maryland before the General Assembly and other political bodies. The Vice-President of Political Affairs shall develop an outreach plan, in coordination with the President, for particular communities and groups by building relationships with existing organizations that represent these communities. The Vice-President of Membership shall chair any Executive Board meeting in the absence of the President, Executive Vice-President, Vice-President Programs and Vice-President of Membership. In the event the President, Executive Vice – President, Vice-President of Programs, Vice-President of Membership are unable to fulfill their duties or those of the office of President, the Vice-President of Political Affairs shall serve as Acting President until such time as a successor is elected pursuant to these bylaws in Section C.

8) The Young Democrats of Maryland shall have three representatives on the National Committee of the Young Democrats of America. One being the President, the Executive Vice President and a Committee Member of the opposite sex of the Executive Vice President appointed by the President and confirmed by the Executive Board no later than thirty-days after the election of a new President. These three shall represent YDM at all YDA meetings; represent YDM at any other meeting which he/she is assigned to by the Executive Board; shall report on his/her activities to the Executive Board; and the Committee Member shall serve as a member of the Chapter Building Committee and work with the Vice-President of Membership to develop new local chapters around the State.  In the event the Executive Vice President and/or Committee Member not be able to attend a meeting of the National Committee, he/she shall notify the President, in writing, no later than 48 hours before said meeting and arrange to have their proxy filed in accordance with YDA rules.

9) There shall be a State Committee, made up of the Executive Board, Caucus Chairs, any and all appointed administrative officers, and the presidents of all chartered chapters. The State Committee shall meet Annually at least once between the meetings of the State Convention. The State Committee shall be chaired by the President and in his absence the Executive Vice President.

10) No person may hold more than one elected office as outlined in this Article.


B) Appointed Officers: There shall be appointed officers who shall sit on the Executive Board but are not entitled to a vote and shall be henceforth referred to as non-voting officers.

C) Election/Vacancies: The Elected Officers shall consist of President, Executive Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President of Programming, and Vice President of Membership. These officers shall be elected bi-annually by the members at the YDM convention. These elections shall be held during odd numbered years. Election of officers shall be governed by the following:


1) The Executive Board shall establish an Ad-hoc Committee on Elections (“Elections Committee”) to oversee all elections activity, including declaration and certification of candidates; verification of voting members, adjudication of discrepancies and the dissemination, collection and tallying of ballots. The Committee shall be established no later than the third Saturday of December of the year immediately preceding the election.

2) The Elections Committee shall be comprised of no less than three and no more than five YDM Members in good standing. The YDM Vice President of Membership and Secretary shall serve on the Committee.

3) Candidates for the YDM Executive Board must submit to the Elections Committee a Declaration of Candidacy, including name, date of birth and local chapter affiliation. Candidates must also submit an Official Candidate Statement. All documents must be submitted to the Elections Committee 10 business days prior to the election. Failure to submit Declaration of Candidacy and Official Candidate Statement will result in exclusion from the ballot.

4) The Elections Committee shall confer with the Secretary and/or Vice President of Membership of the stated local chapter from which a candidate is a member to certify candidacy.

5) The Elections Committee shall hear and adjudicate all appeals.  

6) When any vacancy occurs on the Executive Board the members of the Executive Board shall be notified in writing ten (10) days in advance of the next meeting of the vacancy and that a proposed member to fill the vacancy will be presented at that meeting by the President. If the office of President is vacated the Executive Vice-President shall fill the vacancy. The President shall appoint persons to fill any other vacant office for the duration of the term by and with a majority vote of the Executive Board. If the vacancy occurs with more than one year left on the term, the appointment by the President shall be on an interim basis until a special election can be held at the next convention. Should both the President and Executive Vice-President positions become vacant, the Executive Board together with the State Committee shall appoint a President by a two-thirds vote at a special meeting to be called no later than thirty (30) days from that vacancy being declared. In the meantime the Vice President of Programs shall serve as Acting President until such successor is elected. In the event the office of the Vice President of Programs is also vacant, the Vice President of Membership shall serve as Acting President. If this vacancy occurs with more than a year left in the office, this person shall only serve until such special election as previously stated occurs.


D) Deposit of Funds: All funds must be deposited in an account named “Young Democrats of Maryland” within 10 business days of receipt. Any disbursement of Two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) or more may not occur without a majority vote approval of the Executive Board.

E) Qualifications: Candidates for state-wide office shall not age out from the Young Democrats of Maryland by the time their term in office ends.

F) Term: Officers shall serve a term of two (2) years or until their successors are elected, or until they are removed for cause. Officers elected at the completion of a term shall assume office upon the next meeting of the Executive Board which shall be scheduled within 30 days of the convention.

G) Removal: Any officer may be removed, with cause, by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board present at any meeting. Cause shall be defined as malfeasance.


1) Resignation: An officer may resign only by submitting a written resignation to the President, unless the President is the resigning officer, in which case written resignation may be submitted to the Secretary. Any member of the Executive Board who has missed two consecutive meetings of the Board without an excuse shall be presumed to have resigned, and shall be notified in writing of this provision by the President, or by the Executive Vice-President if the President is the resigning officer. In the event the President, National Committeeman or National Committeewoman relocate out of the state of Maryland for more than six consecutive months, in which case they no longer work nor live in Maryland, they also shall be presumed to have resigned their position as well and the vacancy shall be filled pursuant to Section C of this Article.


F) Other Restrictions:


1) Neither the YDM Executive Board, nor a member of the board, may endorse in contested local chapter or state caucus election, unless they, themselves are members of that local chapter.

2) No member of the board may cast more than one vote by virtue of holding multiple offices on the board.


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