A) Membership Requirements: Any registered Democrat who resides, works in, or attends school in the State of Maryland and who has not reached their thirty-sixth (36th) birthday is eligible for full membership in YDM. YDM and its local chapters may offer associate or honorary membership to those who fall outside of full membership requirements, but such members may not vote at a statewide level.

B) Local Chapters: Local chapters shall be defined as a county chapter, regional chapter, or an educational chapter. Local chapter members should live, work, or attend school within the geographic area defined by the local chapter bylaws. County and Regional chapters shall act as the parent chapter for high school chapters within their defined geographic area. Local chapters have the right to set dues for their members. Local chapters may create their own message and platform but should attempt to use the coordinated message from the YDM


1) A county chapter shall consist of the area covered by a county or city.

2) An educational chapter shall consist of a Young Democrats group at a Community College, College, University, or Professional school. There shall only be one YDM chartered group per campus. If two on-campus groups both want to be chartered under YDM, the YDM Executive Board shall evaluate and decide which group shall have the first right to charter under YDM.

3) A regional chapter shall consist of members from more than one but no more than three counties. This chapter shall be dissolved at the request of members from either county in writing to the YDM Executive Board.

4) Local Chapter Endorsements: A county or regional chapter may endorse a candidate for office solely in their county if the following steps are met:

     a) A county or regional chapter must submit an endorsement process to the YDM Executive Board for approval before issuing any endorsement of candidates.  For regional chapters this process should include information as to ensure that representation for any county in the regional group is adequate and the endorsing body is not made up of members entirely from one part of the region. The Executive Board reserves the right to veto an endorsement process.

     b) Educational chapters may not issue endorsements.

     c) Chapters may only issue endorsements of candidates for office solely inside their jurisdiction. These endorsements shall not include candidates for the General Assembly or Congress that include more than one county, unless it is a regional chapter and all counties in the district are in the region, these endorsements also shall not include candidates for statewide or national office.

C) Local Chapter Recognition: In order for a local chapter to be a recognized body in YDM, it must:


1) Submit a copy of its Bylaws;

2) Submit a list of all members including name, address, date of birth, phone number and e-mail address that is updated every year;

3) Hold at least six meetings annually in different months;

4) Present re-chartering documentation to the Executive Board no later than thirty (30) days before the annual convention.


The Vice President of Membership shall present the above information at a meeting of the Executive Board during or previous to, but not before the date defined above, at which a majority shall vote to ratify that charter.


D) At-Large Members: If a person is unable to join a local chapter and are unable or unwilling to create a new chapter, they may be considered as an at-large member of YDM. Effort should be expended by the Executive Board to ensure that anybody interested in joining or starting a local chapter is able to do so.

E) Voting: Each member of local chapters and at large members in good standing shall have one vote at YDM Annual Meetings. There shall be no proxy voting.

F) Termination of membership: A Member of YDM may terminate their membership if the Member sends written notice to the President of their local chapter, or the President of YDM.

G) Release of Membership List: The membership list of YDM may not be divulged without a 3/4 vote of the Executive Board.

H) Membership Entitlements: Membership shall entitle Members to participate in YDM’s programs and to participate and vote in the election of Voting Members of the Executive Board of YDM. Members of YDM shall also retain the right to inspect any record of YDM under policies established by the Executive Board.

I) Caucuses: Members may create caucuses that represent an area of diversity within YDM. Members wishing to establish a caucus within YDM shall:


1) Notify the President in writing of said intention as well as the demographic the caucus would seek to serve.

2) Include a petition of no less than twenty (20) active members. The petition shall not include signatures of more than 30% of members from any particular chapter.

Caucuses requested more than thirty (30) days before a statewide convention must be approved in the interim by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Executive Board. The President shall, on the advice of the petitioning group, name an Interim Chair to serve in the post until the next statewide convention from amongst the petitioning group. Any Interim Charter shall be considered valid until the next annual meeting of YDM. Caucuses requested less than thirty (30) days before a statewide convention shall be decided by a majority vote at that meeting. All caucuses established by YDM shall abide by the following restrictions:


1) No caucus shall publicly endorse any piece of legislation without first consulting the YDM Executive Board.

2) Established caucuses shall submit re-chartering documentation under a policy developed by the Executive Board no later than thirty (30) days before the annual meeting of YDM to the Rules and Bylaws Committee.

3) The YDM Executive Board, subject to the method further outlined in these bylaws, shall reserve the right to remove any said caucus chair using the process as explained in Article IV Section G of this document.

4) The chairs of duly chartered caucuses of YDM shall be voting members of the YDM Executive Board.


J) Council of Chapter Presidents: There shall be a council made up of the president of each chartered chapter of the Young Democrats of Maryland. The council shall meet no less than two times a year, one of them being the annual meeting of YDM. This council shall be chaired by a chair elected by the members of this council at the annual meeting of the council conducted during the statewide convention of the Young Democrats of Maryland. The chair shall serve a term of one year and be a member of the YDM Executive Board. The chair shall be subject to removal by a vote of the Executive Board as outlined in Section G of Article IV of these bylaws. In the event of a vacancy in the chair, the President shall temporarily name an acting chair from within the council until such time as the council shall meet to elect a replacement.


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